Скачать программы: Navcore [ v.9.400.851694, Rus, 2012 ] бесплатно и без регистрации

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Название: Navcore
Дата выпуска: 2012
Версия: 9.400.851694
Разработчик: TomTom
Язык интерфейса: Мультиязычный (русский присутствует)
Таблэтка: Вылечено
Размер: 67 MB

Системные требования: Навигатор TomTom (PNA TomTom)

Доп. информация:

самые новы ( 2012.02.01 ) оригинальны Navcore 9 - для TT Go , после Navcore 8.351
и для остальных TT

GO Classic, ONE, ONE-S, XL 335 LE/ SE/SE-TM, XL 350, XXL 550, START 40/ 45/ 50/ 55, GO 920, 720, GO 730, 930, 630, RIDER, RIDER2, ONE XL, ONE XL S, GO 300, GO 740 LIVE, EASE, ONEv3/ 3rd edition, ONEv2/ new edition)
All supported devices now have an improved status bar with different tabs similar to most recent devices, and a clearer indication of the speed limit.
The Speed Cameras service has the following improvements:
You are now warned about speed cameras with new, clearer icons.
You can now report and delete speed cameras with one touch.
You can now confirm that a speed camera is stillthere.
When driving in an average speed check zone, your average speed is now displayed.
If you have a LIVE device and a valid subscription, speed camera locations, both fixed and mobile, are now delivered over-the-air.
We have improved the explanation about the data you share with TomTom, and the settings required for you to give permission and share data from your device. *
TomTom Buddies and sending and receiving files from your device using Bluetooth are no longer supported.
The TomTom HD Traffic receiver is also no longer supported. The receiver was only available in the Netherlands. When downloading this software, the TomTom HD Traffic receiver will no longer be compatible with the device. If you want to continue using the HD Traffic receiver, you must not download this software.
GO 520/720/920: if you download a new map after installing this update you will be upgraded to a map that supports addresses in Greek and Russian.
If you use your device at about the same time every day your device will find your current location faster when you first start your device. This improvement is for all compatible devices exceptes the GOx20 and GOx30 devices, and LIVE devices which get QuickGPSfix over the air.
Various performance improvements and bug fixes have been implemented.
To prevent TT Home from downloading & installing Navcore 9.400
Open the ttgo.bif file with Notepad.
Replace lines 9 & 10 with these:
Save this change by clicking "File" in the upper left corner of windows explorer, then "Save as" ttgo.bak. At this point, there is only a ttgo.bak file in the root, no ttgo.bif.
Disconnect & reboot. Now you will have a ttgo.bak, a ttgo.bif & a ttgo.ori file in the root & no TT Home upgrade to Navcore 9.400.

Navcore [ v.9.400.851694, Rus, 2012 ] Navcore [ v.9.400.851694, Rus, 2012 ]

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