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She stretches out on a fairly tall and comfortable piece of furniture, he stands in front of her and takes the partner's legs leaning them over his shoulders. She lifts her arms up raising her pelvis while he helps her by pushing her butt upwards. By maintaining this position he will be able to move inside her at the perfect angle to orgasm.
The position of the butterfly in practice
While requiring a certain skill, the position of the Butterfly must not be frightening as the two bodies tend to support each other, as long as the right angle is found. First of all you will have to put yourself on a piece of furniture in which its basin is lower than yours: a table, a desk, the washing machine, the dishwasher ... but it will also depend on how tall you are. The moment you lift your pelvis, your back must form a straight line with its pelvis. In this way your pubis and his will fit together and he will be able to penetrate you perfectly and without making excessive efforts. To avoid arching your back you will need to ask your partner to support your pelvis with his hands. But you will see that it will be natural for him to do so in order to move more easily.
A stimulating position
If you feel comfortable in this position (maybe because you do yoga every day or because you have good abdominals), you can use one hand to stroke your breast or masturbate. You will see that your partner will become even more excited seeing that you caress yourself under his eyes. Variant of the classic position in which the man lifts his partner's pelvis to improve the angle of penetration, the butterfly position is original not only because the woman is in an unusual position, but above all because it is practiced outside the bed. And this is already enough to break the routine and make the situation more exciting for both.
An exclusive orgasm
The Butterfly position is a position that is worth trying also because it promotes vaginal orgasm. In fact in the Butterfly the penetration is deep but it is not parallel to the vaginal canal, as for example in the Missionary position. In doing so, the stimulated area is not the bottom of the vagina, but the anterior part, therefore the G point. The resulting orgasm is strong and makes all the senses vibrate!
To add a note of pleasant sensuality to the situation you can also focus on the details: red flowers, candles, incense sticks, two glasses of champagne, romantic background music. With a little imagination, the play between the bodies will be even more intense and spicy.

Название: Kama Sutra: Master the Art of Kama Sutra Sex Positions
Автор: Nicole Bliss
Язык: English
Издательство: Bliss
Жанр: Sex & Sexuality
Год выхода: 2020
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 197
Размер: 20 mb

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